Why CrossFit SAC?

Would you like to be in the best shape of your life?

Do you want to be able to actually enjoy the time you spend at the gym, make new friends and learn new skills all at the same time?

Do you want to not only lose weight and gain muscle, but also gain confidence, strength and stamina to help you enjoy your life more?

How about nutritional counseling that is included with membership?

Then CrossFit SAC is the place for you!

CrossFit is the strength and conditioning program of literally millions of people around the world. It consists of a combination of weightlifting and gymnastics as well as activities such as rowing, jumping rope and running. During each of our scheduled classes these movements are combined into a constantly varied workout designed to be adaptable to both advanced athletes and people who are working out for the first time.

CrossFit is different than a regular gym for many reasons, here are a few:

It's For Everyone- CrossFit workouts are scalable making it an option for everyone. Whether you are a conditioned athlete, recovering from an injury or have not worked out for a while, every workout can be adjusted to your fitness level. As you become stronger, faster and generally more capable, the workouts are scaled accordingly to keep them challenging.

CrossFit is Varied- Every workout is a new challenge, not the same workout routine day in and day out. This not only makes working out interesting, but more efficient and productive.

Results You Can Measure- We measure every athletes' output during each workout and periodically repeat them so that improvement can be quantified. No more going to the gym and wondering if you're making any progress!

Community- Workouts take place in a small group environment-- no more than 12 people per class. This creates an environment similar to that enjoyed on sports teams, military units and the like.

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A quick note on the latest Groupon craze. We do not offer Groupon deals. This is because we believe strongly in the community and level of coaching that we provide our athletes at CrossFit SAC. It has always been important to us that every person who enters our doors recieve our full attention and the full CrossFit experience, not beginning CrossFit, or some other watered down version of what we do with our "regular clients." If you've tried another gym from a Groupon and were unhappy with your experience there, why not come in and see what a difference another gym can make on your opinion of CrossFit and the results we can offer?
Can't make it to the gym today, maybe you're stuck out of town? Click below to download a PDF list of WOD's you can do with little to no equipment.
June 7th & 8th
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