Our Philosophy

Our CrossFit philosophy is simple, everyone deserves the opportunity to be fit and healthy regardless of age, athletic background or current physical ability. We believe true fitness is measured by a person's ability to meet life's challenges, whether that be having to push a car that is out of gas, run down a fleeing suspect or carry groceries up a flight of stairs. While we certainly enjoy challenging the physical limits of our more developed athletes, there is an unmatched satisfaction in seeing a grandmother who couldn't pick up her grandkids now deadlift her body weight, or watch the progress of a member as they reverse their type 2 diabetes. We see all of our members as athletes, and afford everyone the same quality of coaching and instruction.

There are many things you will not find in a typical CrossFit gym, such as weight machines or "cardio" equipment, and the same is true of our gym. Beyond that, at CrossFit SAC you won't find egos-- no one is treated special because they can run the fastest or lift the heaviest. You also won't find us participating in Groupon or LivingSocial deals. It has always been important to us that every person who enters through our doors receives our full attention and the full CrossFit experience, not some watered down version of our programming.