Saturday 7/21

For time:
Walking Lunge, 100 ft
21 Pull-ups
21 AbMat Sit-ups
Walking Lunge, 100 ft
18 Pull-ups
18 AbMat Sit-ups
Walking Lunge, 100 ft
15 Pull-ups
15 AbMat Sit-ups
Walking Lunge, 100 ft
12 Pull-ups
12 AbMat Sit-ups
Walking Lunge, 100 ft
9 Pull-ups
9 AbMat Sit-ups
Walking Lunge, 100 ft
6 Pull-ups
6 AbMat Sit-ups


Friday 7/20

4 Rounds for time of:
35 Row (cal)
25 Wallballs (20/14)

Saturday's schedule has been changed to 8am and 9am for the time being to help beat the heat. 

This! All of this...

IMG_2402 (1).jpg

We have had the Better Than Yesterday board up for about a year. It is where you can celebrate your wins, inside and outside of the gym. All of these posts are from people who made a commitment to better for themselves, whether it be to get back into the gym, to take on a new challenge or to take better care of themselves by giving up cigarettes. Keep sharing your wins!  

Thursday 7/19

Overhead Squat


Ounce for ounce, most juice has as much if not more sugar than soda, even 100% real juice. The nutrients in that juice do not outweigh the massive dose of sugar quickly consumed. 

Seriously, Juice Is Not Healthy

Obesity affects 40 percent of adults and 19 percent of children in the United States and accounts for more than $168 billion in health care spending each year. Sugary beverages are thought to be one of the major drivers of the obesity epidemic. These drinks (think soda and sports drinks) are the largest single source of added sugars for Americans and contribute, on average, 145 added calories a day to our diets. For these reasons, reducing sugary beverage consumption has been a significant focus of public health intervention. Most efforts have focused on sodas.

But not juice. Juice, for some reason, gets a pass. It’s not clear why.

Americans drink a lot of juice. The average adult drinks 6.6 gallons per year. More than half of preschool-age children (ages 2 to 5) drink juice regularly, a proportion that, unlike for sodas, has not budged in recent decades. These children consume on average 10 ounces per day, more than twice the amount recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Parents tend to associate juice with healthfulness, are unaware of its relationship to weight gain and are reluctant to restrict it in their child’s diet. After all, 100 percent fruit juice — sold in handy individual servings — has been marketed as a natural source of vitamins and calcium. Department of Agriculture guidelines state that up to half of fruit servings can be provided in the form of 100 percent juice and recommend drinking fortified orange juice for the vitamin D. Some brands of juice are even marketed to infants.

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Wednesday 7/18

30 reps for time of:
Clean & Jerk 135/95#


Which Grace is Harder?

Below are two extremely fit men doing the same workout, "Grace," with two different weights. Dan Bailey, on the left. is doing Grace prescribed at 135 pounds, while Rob Orlando, on the right, is using 300 pounds. Are both of these workouts challenge? Yes, but in extremely different ways. Bailey's Grace is non-stop, pedal to the metal go! Orlando's weight is almost three times the prescribed weight and impressive that he could clean and jerk it for 30 reps, however, his intensity takes a nose dive. It takes him 30 times as long to complete the workout. Going heavy doesn't mean hard, it means slow. We don't want slow on a day like today we want you to breath hard and make your lungs burn. So today, find a weight that challenges you more to hold onto the bar and keep going. 

Tuesday 7/17

For total time (including rest):
1200m Run
800m Run
400m Run
800m Run
1200m Run
Rest 3 min between efforts 

Intro to Oly (2).png

If you are looking to improve your Olympic Weightlifting skills (Clean, Jerk and Snatch), you are in luck! Tomorrow kicks off a three-week, six session course designed to get people more familiar with lifting technique. 

Monday 7/16


Coe 10 Rounds for time
10 Thrusters (96/65)
10 Ring push-ups

The video below is of CrossFit Games athlete Julie Foucher. Not only is Julie incredibly fit, she's also a doctor and qualified for the Games while going through medical school! I chose this video for the WOD demo because it exemplifies movement efficiency. Today's WOD is not a sprint where you push the pedal to the floor and try to hold on. Instead, today is all about being efficient and consistent. Watch Julie's thrusters and how patient she is making sure to use her legs before she pushes the bar overhead and then waiting until the bar is at her shoulder before she squats it. Focusing on your quality of movement is going to payoff in dividends today! 

Saturday 7/14

5 Rounds for time of:
45 Air squats
5 Power cleans (225/155)


Your doctor may not be the best source of nutrition advice

When Americans hear about a health craze, they may turn to their physician for advice: Will that superfood really boost brain function? Is that supplement okay for me to take?

Or they may be interested in food choices because of obesity, malnutrition or the role of diet in chronic disease.

But a doctor may not be a reliable source. Experts say that while most physicians may recognize that diet is influential in health, they don’t learn enough about nutrition in medical school or the training programs that follow.

An estimated 50 to 80 percent of chronic diseases, including heart disease and cancer, are partly related to or affected by nutrition, according to Martin Kohlmeier, a research professor in nutrition at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

For those experiencing risk factors early on, a change in diet is important.

“People are gaining a pound or two a year, and nobody says anything. But then by age 50 or 55, they’ve often gained 30 or 40 pounds, which has huge impacts on their health,” said Walter Willett, an epidemiology and nutrition professor at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. “In the younger years, middle age, people are acquiring the risk factors that often don’t show up as major diseases until later in life.”

“You can practice only what you know,” Kohlmeier said. According to the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, malnutrition is prevalent but underrecognized in the United States. That does not surprise Kohlmeier, who said, “This is what happens when you don’t teach nutrition.”

He oversees UNC’s Nutrition in Medicine project, which offers educational modules for medical students. But Kohlmeier said these are far from enough. “You cannot learn in two hours what it takes 20 hours to learn,” he said. In a 2015 survey of 121 four-year medical schools, Kohlmeier and colleagues found that 71 percent did not require at least 25 hours of nutrition education and that fewer than 20 percent required a nutrition course — fewer even than 15 years before.

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Friday 7/13

3 Rounds for time of:
60 Double unders
30 DB Push Press @ 30/20
3 Rope Climbs


Doctors in California Are Prescribing Food as Medicine, and It's Keeping Patients out of Hospitals

You are probably aware that healthy eating can prevent a lot of illnesses, but it turns out that receiving proper nutrition can actually make the chronically sick healthier too. That's why some Medicaid patients suffering from chronic or life-threatening illnesses are now being prescribed food in addition to medicine. It's part of an effort to increase health and reduce health care costs—and there's some solid evidence that it'll work.

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Thursday 7/12

AMRAP 12 min
25 Deadlifts (135/95)
25 Pull-ups

Intro to Olympic Weightlifting 

Do you feel like you could benefit from some extra time with the Snatch, Clean or Jerk? Are you not sure what the difference is between these movements? We have just the program for you!

Starting July 18, Mike D will be coaching an Intro to Olympic Weightlifting course Wednesday's at 5 pm and Sunday's at 10 am. The program is designed to help those new to Olympic lifting get more comfortable with the movements and develop better technique. This will kick off a Olympic Weightlifting Series over the next few months.  

Intro to Oly (2).png

Wednesday 7/11

10 Muscle-ups
20 DB Snatch, alt (50/35)
30 Hip extensions
40 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1)
70 1 Arm DB Push jerks (50/35)
40 Kettlebell swings (1.5/1)
30 Hip extensions
20 DB Snatch, alt (50/35)
10 Muscle-ups




Tuesday 7/10

In a 12-minute running clock, complete:
1 mile Run
50 Box jumps (30/24)
then, with the remaining time, 
AMRAP Power snatch (165/110)

Research is constantly demonstrating how beneficial working out is for not only your physical health but for your emotional wellbeing and cognitive health. Simply put, making the effort to come to the gym just three days a week will have long-lasting benefits in so many aspects of your life. So next time you are tempted to skip the gym, remember, it's one hour out of your day to take care of your health, your mood and your brain! 

Monday 7/9

Conjugate Day
10x2 Sumo Deadlift @~50% against bands

Sumo Deadlift for load:
 #1: 3 reps
 #2: 3 reps
 #3: 3 reps

Snatch Grip GHD Hip Extension

Saturday 7/7

***Today will be 9 am only***

CrossFit Total II
For max load:
Clean 1-1-1
Bench Press 1-1-1
Overhead Squat 1-1-1

Today is a test of strength. 

Speaking from personal experience, it's really easy to put a lot of pressure on your self to PR and end up crying in the parking lot if you don't meet that expectation. This workout is designed to test what you can do today under the circumstances you are dealing with, whether it be feeling sore, having eaten too many hotdogs on the fourth, or having been up all night because your neighbors think the 4th of July is a week-long holiday. 

This one workout doesn't define your worth as a person. Enjoy getting to lift some heavy weigths with friends. 


Friday 7/6

100 Double unders
75 Burpee box jumpovers (24/20)
50 Chest-to-bar pull-ups
25 Toes-to-bar
100 Double unders

New Toys! 


The gym has recently purchased a Crossover Symmetry system, which is designed to help strengthen the muscles of your shoulder girdle and back. Any and everyone is encouraged to use it (ideally) before or after the WOD. There are four different tension levels to use as well as a chart with various exercises and reps schemes. If you are not sure how to use it, ask a coach! 

Most of us spend a good portion of our day hunched over a computer, which weakens the muscles in the shoulder and back. Taking a few minutes a day to focus on this area will help you improve your overall strength, help get you into better positions during the workouts and keep pesky shoulder pains at bay. 

Thursday 7/5

30 Handstand push-ups
10 Front squats (185/135)
20 Handstand push-ups
20 Front squats (135/95)
10 Handstand push-ups
30 Front squats (95/65)

Working out is good for the body, but it can also help your mood. The good news is you don't have to live in the gym to see the benefits! 

From the New York Times

Weight Training May Help to Ease or Prevent Depression

Lifting weights might also lift moods, according to an important new review of dozens of studies about strength training and depression. It finds that resistance exercise often substantially reduces people’s gloom, no matter how melancholy they feel at first, or how often — or seldom — they actually get to the gym and lift.

There already is considerable evidence that exercise, in general, can help to both stave off and treat depression. A large-scale 2016 review that involved more than a million people, for instance, concluded that being physically fit substantially reduces the risk that someone will develop clinical depression. Other studies and reviews have found that exercise also can reduce symptoms of depression in people who have been given diagnoses of the condition.

But most of these past studies and reviews have focused on aerobic exercise, such as walking or jogging.

Far less has been known about the possible benefits, if any, of strength training for mental health. One 2017 analysis of past research had found that strength training can help people feel less anxious and nervous.

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Wednesday 7/4

Community Day WOD
In Teams of 2:
5 Rounds for time of:
20 DB Box step overs (50/35)
15 Burpees

In observance of Fourth of July, we will have a 9 am only, and a BBQ to follow! Today is a Community Day, so feel free to bring a guest! Please have them fill out the waiver, here

Community Day 4th of July.jpg


Clean & Jerk for load:
In 20 minutes find a 3 rep max

Feel like figuring out your food is an uphill battle? You are not alone. Food manufacturers didn't don't make highly palatable food by accident-- they want you to keep eating their sugary concoctions. Need help ditching the sugar? We can help with that! 

Saturday 6/30

AMRAP 15 min
5 Deadlifts (275/185)
13 Push-ups
9 Box jumps (30/24)


By Amy Way

Okay, here we go. The dreaded before/after photos. Flashback to 2-3 years ago, when I was back up to my heaviest after baby no. 3, still breastfeeding, probably with some degree of postpartum depression, failing my Air Force pt test, and feeling like I was just all around sucking at life. I was not making my health and happiness a priority (as probably most mamas of little ones fail to do) and I needed to make some drastic changes.

Let’s be honest, I knew exactly what I NEEDED to do because I’ve done it before, but sometimes change is hard and when you’re sitting there thinking, “I need to lose 40-50 pounds” — well that’s more than a little daunting.

I actually cried once or twice during those first few workouts because I felt so defeated and weak, but I didn’t give up

So what did I do? I finally got back into the gym mainly spin class at first and I LOVED it. Dark room, loud music, man, those 45 mins would FLY by. This was in January 2017, when I was around 192 pounds. Then I started doing some HIIT circuits to help out with that pt test (which I failed again, but by far less this time.) I would usually go back to the CrossFit room when no one was back there so I didn’t feel like everyone was watching or judging me. (News flash, no one cares).

Then one day while I was back there working out, someone mentioned that I should try out one of the classes and that I’d probably be good at it. They were offering a free month and I figured, “what the heck…I’ll give it a shot.”

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Friday 6/29

AMRAP 20 min
5 Handstand push-ups
10 Overhead Squat @ 75/55
15 Row (cal)


Thursday 6/28

3 Rounds for time of:
45 Double unders
15 DB Squat snatch, alt (50/35)

Community Day 4th of July.jpg

We hope you and a guest (or two) can join us for some 4th of July fitness and food! If you plan on attending, please register (this is applicable for both members and guests). If you are joining us for a workout for the first time, please make sure to fill out our online waiver, here.