Get Started Today! All new members start with a FREE intro session booked by appointment.

3 Simple steps to getting started:
1. Sign up for a FREE Introductory class.
Anyone interested in becoming a member begins with our FREE Intro Class which we book by appointment based on availability. 

2. Attend the additional three follow-up intro classes.
We have 3 more Intro Classes that new athletes must attend prior to joining our regular CrossFit classes. 

Unlike most other CrossFit gyms,we do not charge extra for these intro classes, the cost is included with your 3 month membership!

3. Come to class!
Sometimes the hardest part of the workout is walking through the doors, but you will be glad you did! It's okay if you feel nervous the first few times. Remember, you have coaches to help you with new movements and to answer your questions, not to mention an awesome community of friendly people to help you out and cheer you on!

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