Monday 10/22

10 1-minute rounds of:
25 Squats
Max reps of Clean and Jerks @ 155/105

Rest 2 minutes between rounds

See you on MONDAY!

Saturday 10/20

20 Min AMRAP
20 Kb Box Step Up 53/35, 24/20
20 Kb Swing @ 53/35
20 Burpee
20 GHD Sit up
200m run

We are here to help you along the way with your fitness goals, but ultimately it’s up to YOU to show up and put in the work.

The best part of that?

YOU get to be proud of all the progress you make because YOU put in the work to make it happen!

Friday 10/19

10 min AMRAP
5 Power Snatch @ 165/110
10 Toe 2 Bar

HSPU Skill work


You may have caught on that we’ll be doing some type of skill work a few times a week.

This is something we’ve decided to include in our programming to help you all work on the things that we often hear you want to work on.

For October those things are handstand push ups, toes to bar and ring muscle ups. For November we’ll choose some slightly different things to spend some extra time on. The goal with all of our skill work is just to give you all a little extra exposure to the things that tend to take more time to develop and master.

If you’ve got something you really think we’ve been missing out on, chime in on the Facebook comments and we’ll try to help you out!

Thursday 10/18


20 Min AMRAP
9 Deadlift @ 245/175
8 Muscle Up
9 Squat Clean @ 155/105

People often worry about working hard enough in the gym and making sure they’re getting here at least 3-4 times per week. How often do you hear them talk about getting enough recovery?


Sleep Deprivation Can Be Deadly. Here's What Sleeping Less Than 7 Hours Per Night Does to Your Body And Brain

It's not pretty.


6 OCT 2018

About a third of US adults don't get enough sleep.

And sleep deprivation has serious consequences for your brain and body.

Many people think they can get by on less than seven to nine hours a night – the amount of sleep doctors recommend for most adults – or say they need to sleep less because of work or family obligations.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk recently acknowledged in an interview with The New York Times that his long work hours were taking a toll on his well-being and raising concerns among his friends.

That prompted Arianna Huffington to post an open letter to Musk about his sleep schedule, telling him that he was "demonstrating a wildly outdated, anti-scientific and horribly inefficient way of using human energy."

Musk posted his response on Twitter at 2:30 a.m. ET. "I just got home from the factory," he said. "You think this is an option. It is not."

Musk seems to understand that working 120-hour weeks is harmful. As Matthew Walker, a neuroscientist who's an expert on sleep, previously told Business Insider, "The shorter your sleep, the shorter your life."

Most adults need seven to nine hours of sleep, and kids have to get even more, though needs do vary from person to person. Some incredibly rare people can actually get by on a few hours of sleep per night, while others on the opposite end of the spectrum are sometimes called "long sleepers" because they need 11 hours nightly.

But regardless of your body's clock, a lack of sleep will cause your physical and mental health to suffer.

Here are 30 health consequences of sleep deprivation.

Sleep deprivation is linked to a higher risk for certain cancers.

Sleep deprivation and disrupted sleep schedules have been linked to increased risk for several cancers, most notably colon and breast cancers.

Skin doesn't heal as well from damage when you are tired, leading to skin ageing.

Poor sleep quality is strongly correlated with chronic skin problems, according to research from the University of Wisconsin. Studies have also found that when skin is damaged by the sun or other factors, it doesn't heal as well in poor sleepers, so those people wind up showing more signs of skin ageing.

Tired people have a harder time controlling their impulses, potentially leading to unhealthy behaviour and weight gain.

People who don't get enough sleep have a harder time resisting high-calorie foods, more cravings for unhealthy meals, and difficulty controlling their impulses. Researchers think hormonal imbalances that result from sleep deprivation are responsible for this, since those imbalances are linked to a high body mass index and obesity.

People feel lonelier after sleepless nights — and being lonely makes it harder to sleep well. 

Researchers have found that sleep-deprived young adults are less likely to connect socially with other people, and that people who report poor sleep also tend to say they're lonelier. To make things worse, people who feel lonely don't tend to sleep as well, which can lead to a sort of vicious cycle.

Being sleepy makes it harder to learn and disrupts short-term memory.

Sleepiness has long been a problem for students. Delaying school start times an hour for middle-school kids has been found to significantly increase standardised test scores, and it may have an even bigger effect on teens, who naturally tend to be night owls.

But it's not just kids – sleep deprivation also wrecks adults' short-term memory. Several studies have found that sleep-deprived adults have more difficulty remembering words they have learned and have a harder time improving newly learned skills.

Read more here.

Wednesday 10/17

For time: 65 Handstand Push-ups 15 Double Unders

Every time you kick down or rest on the HSPU, perform 15 more double unders than in the previous round.
EX: 15 hspu
15 double under
10 hspu (25 total)
30 double under
8 hspu (33 total)
45 double under etc.

Community Week

Untitled Design 2.png

Next Monday, October 22nd, we are kicking off “Community Week” to help you introduce your friends and family members to CrossFit SAC, but without the chaos of Community Day. The structure of these intros is much like how many of you got started with CrossFit SAC. These are by appointment only and you are welcome to participate in the session as well.

Tuesday 10/16

5 rounds for time of:
23 Medicine Ball Toss, 20/14 lbs
Run, 200 m


Monday 10/15

Conjugate Day

Banded Deficit Deadlift 10x2 at 50% 1RM standing on nothing higher than a 45lb plate

Deficit Deadlift 5-5-5
Use the heaviest weight you can for each set.
Rest as needed between sets.

Finish with:
2x20 Snatch grip hip extension
2x20 Banded kneeling squat


A comprehensive new study on cholesterol, based on results from more than a million patients, could help upend decades of government advice about diet, nutrition, health, prevention, and medication. Just don't hold your breath.

The study, published in the Expert Review of Clinical Pharmacology, centers on statins, a class of drugs used to lower levels of LDL-C, the so-called "bad" cholesterol, in the human body. According to the study, statins are pointless for most people.

"No evidence exists to prove that having high levels of bad cholesterol causes heart disease, leading physicians have claimed" in the study, reports the Daily Mail. The Express likewise says the new study finds "no evidence that high levels of 'bad' cholesterol cause heart disease."

Click here to continue.

Saturday 10/13

4 rounds for time of:
Run, 400 m
30 Walking Lunges
20 GHD Sit-ups


Is all this running getting you down?

Come check out a free preview of Ready to Run, a technique focused running course starting later this month. The preview is today at 10 am. If you are interested in getting your running technique analyzed, sign up for the preview in Zen Planner.

Friday 10/12

5 rounds, 2 mins each of:
10 Burpees
Sprint 200 m
Max reps Burpees in time remaining

Rest 3 mins between rounds

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. This year, it means something more to those who know Jean, a CrossFit SAC member and breast cancer survivor. About six months ago, Jean mentioned an organization, The Breast Cancer Fundraiser, a nonprofit which helps women through the day-to-day aspects of fighting breast cancer by supplying them and their caregivers with care packages and support. They work with close to a dozen hospitals all over the US, including the UCSF Medical Center. Jean wanted to pay it forward once she was in recovery and we thought this would be the perfect time to join forces and help.

The idea behind their fundraising campaign is if one person can get 30 friends to donate $30 each (or a dollar a day for a month), that would provide services to a woman fighting breast cancer.

Thursday 10/11

2 Rounds for time:

800m Run
50 Box Jump @ 24/20

Most times, workouts don’t need to be complex to be effective.

Today will be effective and it’s certainly not overly complex.

Tuesday 10/09

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:

25 Pull-Up
50 Push-Up
75 Air Squat

In theory today looks a lot like a workout we’ve done many times named “Cindy”. For the uninitiated, “Cindy” is a 20 min AMRAP of 5 pull-ups, 10 push-ups and 15 air squats. A solid score for that workout is in the 20 round range, which equates to 100 pull-ups, 200 push-ups and 300 squats.

Today, it’s unlikely that many, if any of the athletes in class will achieve that much total volume and here’s why.

There’s a big difference between being able to take the relatively smaller chunks of work (5, 10, 15) and having to bite off much bigger chunks (25, 50, 75). There’s going to be more rest and more shaking limbs out.

That’s OK!

The goal today is to work on some of that muscular endurance, choose a scale that’s not too easy and grind through the 20 minutes with the knowledge that no matter how much work you get done it’ll all be over soon, and you’ll be better off for having done it.

Monday 10/08

3 rounds for time:
400m Run
10 Shoulder to Overhead @ 185/125

Toe to bar Skill Work

As you may have noticed this month we’ll be working on three different skills, the toes to bar, muscle up and kipping handstand push up.

For each of them we’ll be doing a 5 minute max effort.

The goal here is to get more frequent practice with movements that many of us struggle with and to do so in a way that allows for a sort of self scaling based on current capacity.

Hopefully by the end of the month you’ll notice a bit of improvement in these skills!

Saturday 10/06

5, 1 minute rounds, each for reps:

9 Ring Row
Max Rep Power Clean @ 205/135

Rest 2 min between rounds

Score is TOTAL Power Cleans


Ring Muscle Up Skill Work

Friday 10/05

3 Rounds for time
15 Thruster @ 95/65
15 Burpee Pull Up
3 Rope Climb

Thursday 10/04

12 Min AMRAP:

3 Muscle Up
8 KB Snatch @ 70/53
36 Double Under

T2B Skill Work

How’s that muscle up coming along? Wish you could work on a few other skills/abilities that just haven’t clicked yet?

Remember that your coaches are always available for 30 minute skill sessions to help you improve even more than you already are by attending classes.

Also, Dave is in town for a bit and available. If you miss his coaching and want to get something booked hit him up!

Wednesday 10/03

For Time:
2000m Row

Where are you on your priority list? 

Are you at the top because you know it’s not selfish to take care of yourself? Because you know that you will be no help to your family, friends or co-workers if you are tired, sick or emotionally exhausted?

Or are you more towards the bottom, wedged somewhere between getting your tires rotated and doing laundry? 

Are you even on that list?

We often see that those with a “caretaker” personality are the ones that put their needs (not wants, actual needs) behind wants and needs of those around them. These people are givers, often to their own detriment.

This isn’t a character flaw, it’s actually pretty darn admirable, but often people in this category are the ones who need the most help because they are too busy helping others to help themselves.

So I am here to do just that, at least as much as I can from a computer screen.

If you find yourself identifying with this personality type I want you to remember:

  • It’s okay to say no every once in a while. No one is going to think you are suddenly unreliable if you say no when you are stretched too thin.

  • You teach others how to treat you. If you are always putting your needs last, so will other people.  

  • It’s okay to take care of yourself. Really. Making sure you are eating well, having an outlet to blow off steam or a hobby to help you stay grounded and getting enough sleep is important.

  • It’s okay to ask for help. It doesn’t mean you are weak or being a burden. People like to be useful and of service, let them!

Ultimately, you cannot pour from an empty cup; you need to make sure you are doing what needs to be done to keep you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy. Research shows physical activity improves emotional health and eating well feeds your body and your brain. Getting enough sleep supports brain function and makes you a lot more likely to go to the gym and make better food choices. However, these things don't happen by some miracle. 

Remember, your coaches are here to help you succeed. If you are feeling stressed, tired or overworked let us know. Maybe we can help with some food prep tips, suggest an at-home WOD that will help with stress or, if anything, help scale the WOD to keep you from digging a deeper hole.

You are worth it and you deserve it! 

CrossFit SAC

Tuesday 10/02

Banded Back Box Squat : 10x2 at 50% 1RM
Box Squat 3-3-3
2x20 GHD Snatch-grip hip exT
2x20 Banded glute bridges

Monday 10/01

5 rounds for time of:
30 Wall Balls, 20/14 lbs
30 AbMat Sit-ups
5 Deadlifts, 335/235 lbs
Run, 400 m


Hey guys,

I'm not sure if this post will be about CrossFit specifically. But this is a reflection of a conversation I had with a fellow CrossFitter, a young man, early to mid-twenties. We were having a discussion about learning new things about yourself and about the world that we live in. His observation was that as he spends more time out in the world and in the workplace that he has developed the feeling that " It's not about who you are and what you do. It's about what you have and who you know.”

I remember myself at a similar age have a similar viewpoint. At the time I hadn't been in the workforce for a very long time. I was still attending full-time College and working full-time nights at a restaurant. Although driven by my passions, my priorities at that stage in life were vastly different than the ones I have now. To put it to a word, I was very selfish. And to be more specific I was very self-focused. Having moved out on my own, I found an incredible sense of freedom and fear in not being accountable to anyone but myself. This also meant I had no one to support me but myself.

Now, I do not tell you this to brag or boast. But rather, to help you understand this viewpoint if you have not already. I think a lot of us have already in our lives, at some point, thought to ourselves "Wow, that's not fair at all!" And with that, some of us including myself, have asked ourselves:

"Why bother?" 

"What's the point of this hard work if somebody else is going to get the thing I was trying to get?"

"Why should I try so hard if I'm not going to be rewarded?"

 Or one of the big ones: "Why does this other person get this when I work harder and obey the rules and they are not following the rules and do not work?"

These were hard questions to answer. But my response was: It always matters. 
It always matters when you do the right thing. It always matters to work as hard as you can. It always matters to consider other people. Even if others around you are not. They might supersede the law or be disrespectful, inconsiderate or otherwise unjust in order to gain an advantage in some way. Still, it matters what you do in response. The truth of the matter is the people that zigzag through traffic 30 miles faster than anybody else and cut you off are often going to make it to their destination before you make it to yours. If it were a race they would win because they didn't follow the rules. And that's going to happen in life. But it doesn't mean that you have to follow in kind. You can make the decision to consider those around you and to do what you know is right. In any situation. You will still go forward. And, you will know for yourself that you didn't have to push anyone down to pull yourself up.

So yes, sometimes it's who you know and what you have. But all the time it's who you are and what you choose to do. And when you choose to be the best version of yourself, you can hold your head high and be proud of that.

Coach Calvin

Saturday 9/29

Partner WOD


Park WOD only Saturday @ 9 am


QuickFit Open House

Know someone looking to change up their fitness routine but they aren’t sure about CrossFit? Have them checkout QuickFit. We are host a free class Tuesday at 7 am or 6pm.

If you know someone who would benefit from this quick, effective and beginner friendly program, please share this Facebook Even link with them.